Report from the Cleft Lip front lines——I

The East Coast Cleft Heart tour, aka The Cleft Lip Tour.

Been away lately doing book events—something politicians call stumping or out on the hustings.

Author Karl Schonborn in front of store for New York City Book Signing

New York City book signing







Some people call it show and tell.

Karl Schonborn sitting at bookstore table w stack of books.

At rest between bouts of work







It’s been very rewarding, meeting new friends and old ones as well on the East Coast.

Woman in orange blazer holding Cleft Heart with author.

Speech therapist with author








Author Karl Schonborn standing in front of Yale Bookstore
Yale, New Haven book signing

The Yale Bookstore is one block from where I lived while attending Yale.

Life at Yale is featured in six Cleft Heart chapters.

Man seated with author, holding Cleft Heart

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