Politicians and Columnists concerned that Abortions of Fetuses with Clefts Constitute “Eugenics.”

Fetuses aborted for cosmetic reasons?

Fetuses aborted for clefts?                                 © ALAMY John Bingham


Late-term abortions of fetuses with clefts

Some Members of Parliament in the UK have called for a review of abortion laws since recent data show many more mothers than realized ask that their cleft fetuses be aborted.

According to a committee of MPs and peers, evidence suggests “many pregnancies are being terminated up until full term simply because of cosmetic flaws.”

Mothers and doctors are engaging in “discrimination” according to some. I’d second this: sounds like “facial discrimination.”

Over the past summer, a parliamentary commission heard claims that the way the law was being applied amounted to a form of “eugenics” and
was no longer fit for a “civilised society.”

Columnists in the US concerned about abortions of fetuses with clefts

Among the writers, Wesley J. Smith, an American Anti-abortionist, stands out. He echoes the growing sentiment to revise abortion law.

Here he makes clear one end of the argument:
“Pro-choicers who advocate for the right to kill viable fetuses based on disability, often claim it is only done in cases of severe abnormality. Baloney. Down syndrome isn’t a ‘severe’ abnormality. Nor is dwarfism, conditions that often lead to late term abortions. Alas, 90% of our brothers and sisters with such conditions aren’t allowed to ever see the light of day.”

Do you think advocates across the pond and here in the U.S. are correct in calling for revision of abortion laws re “disabilities?”

Or should we simply let our Designer life style reach all the way to the womb and the fetus?

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  1. What a ridiculous point of view. What’s the difference between aborting for cosmetic flaws and aborting just for the heck of it? It’s all murder.

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