A Photographic Who’s Who, part way into Cleft Heart

SPOILER ALERT : If you enjoy fantasizing how characters look in books or want to be surprised  on every page, then don’t look at these photos until you’ve finished reading the second quarter of the book.

Cleft Heart protagonist with sibs and friends.

This photo shows me growing up and with my siblings and a few friends from my .

Protagonist of Cleft Heart Karl Schonborn as a child growing up to be a young teen.

Top row: “excluded” and “included” in Washington, DC with sister Gayle.  Dad’s company. Twin six-shooters before cub scouts and nonviolence tamed me. Wrapping presents with brother Scott and Gayle. Best friend Lee Sims and our game faces. Playing drums at a teen party.


Stay tuned for more collages in future blogs.


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