Paintings,  Silkscreen Prints, and Collages

From time to time, I’ll be adding artwork I’ve done to this gallery. Most paintings are around 3′ x 3′ or 2′ x 2,’ but some are 6′ x 2′  like the ones in the “Heroes Villains and Fools” series.  Silkscreen prints tend to be 2′ by 3′ while collages are usually 1′ x 1.5.’ Email me for price quotes via the Contact tab.

Paintings — Good people, with 2 possible exceptions.


Paintings —  Bad people, according to some Faiths. The “Seven Deadly Sins” series.


Lust - Painting of woman lying on her side.


Obese man reclining and fanning himself - in gold, turquoise & light blue pigments.


Silkscreens — Celebs, Everyday people, and Haves & Have-nots.


Collages — Criminology topics.

Coming soon!


  1. Janie Junebug says:

    I love your work. It’s great.

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