Villains you sort of root for—Russell & Rhys in “The Americans.”

Villain Keri Russell in "The Americans"

One of the few TV shows that's got its hooks in me is The Americans. Maybe it's because I grew up during the cold war. Or maybe it's because the villains often seem like heroes. Keeping bad guys and good guys straight is fun. Watch, esp if you think … [Continue reading]

Prison rehabilitation: Turning zeroes into heroes?

Afro-Italian inmate in orange apron working at table.

 A recent article about carcerite, “prison syndrome,” is especially interesting in that it gives insight into the prison system in Italy. While bedeviled with overcrowding, just like the US, Italy has some "inspired" prison rehabilitation … [Continue reading]

Thanks to fans of my book and blogs re cleft lip and palate.

Small dog named Monte about to chew on book abt cleft lip.

I appreciate all of you who’ve followed my cleft lip and palate blogs over recent years.  I'll continue to post info relevant to this most common of birth defects.I'm also grateful to those of you who've bought Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal about my … [Continue reading]

Would be serial killer blows first attempt.

Tan 2-story motel where Serial killer botches her 1st attempt.

 Before this website transitions more fully toward villains and away from cleft palate and lip heroes (the kids, the medical pros that help them), a little humor is in order. Of course, lightheartedness is in the eye of the beholder. The victim of … [Continue reading]

Beware villains who work for “The Greater Good.”

Two people who are the Villains in "The Rings"

 We're in a dangerous political time when everyone seems to be an advocate of "The Greater Good." World history has been rewritten by leaders/demagogues/villains who believed they were doing everyone a favor.The United States is divided now into … [Continue reading]

Lookism: Dr. Oz’ age-reducing elixir?

Close up of 2 Renee Zellweger face shots in lookism Before & After

We've all seen the lookism click-bait before and after shots, esp of celebrities. They try to get us to buy anti-aging products. One that's been getting a lot of attention lately is Parisian Glow cream that claims to have Dr. Oz's endorsement. I've … [Continue reading]

TV’s 10 most evil villains today.

Bust shot of Joffrey Baratheon, villain from TV's Game of Thrones.

 This site is about faces and heroes, villains, and fools.  I've looked at asymmetrical faces—due to cleft lips and palates often—a lot. However, I haven't written many blogs about villainous faces which often feature asymmetry. For that matter, I've … [Continue reading]