Improved website, with Not-Blind Justice & Killing augmenting Bullying.

Lady w scales peeks from under her blindfold, leading to not-blind justice

After more than a year of planning and reconstruction by my webmaster, my site is better and more interesting (e.g., featuring topics like not-blind justice). Site has new, easier navigation. The site is faster and easier to navigate now. The … [Continue reading]

My brother’s clefts: When birth defects aren’t defects-Compete & Cooperate

Welcoming baby Steven—w/o birth defects.

A Disability, or Not? By Barbara Schonborn I didn’t think my brother Karl had birth defects. Nor did I think his cleft lip and cleft palate were disabilities. When we were children, Karl was just my competitor or my buddy. Brother with no … [Continue reading]

My brother’s clefts: When birth defects aren’t defects – Infancy to surgery.

Barbara & Karl, ready to face the world in Wash,DC

I didn’t think of my brother Karl’s cleft lip and cleft palate as birth defects or disabilities.   These birth defects a disability, or not? Guest blog by Barbara Schonborn** Part One: From Infancy to early surgeries. A Princess … [Continue reading]

Will OJ get parole tomorrow? Where and how to watch his hearing.

Fuhrman covers OJ parole hearing.

I mentioned in a prior blog that the ALCATRAZ EAST crime museum just opened an exhibit around a new acquisition. The item is the White Ford Bronco that carried a frantic and suicidal O.J. Simpson during one of the most famous televised car chases … [Continue reading]

July is National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness month: Two special blogs coming soon.

Cleft & Craniofacial Disorders Month

In honor of  National Cleft & Craniofacial Disorders Month, I'm planning two special posts in the upcoming weeks from a guest blogger. Stay tuned and be ready to be surprised and informed.   Cleft and Craniofacial Disorders … [Continue reading]

Crime Museum: Down but not out with addition of OJ’s Bronco..

OJ's Bronco in Crime Museum

Just had a wonderful trip to Tennessee, but missed the Crime Museum there. I saw the Grand Ole Opry  the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Jack Daniels Distillery—all in the Nashville area.  Alas, I didn't make it across the state to Alcatraz East … [Continue reading]

Cocaine, mental illness, trauma: What killed Carrie Fisher?

The Fishers with Carrie...and Cocaine

      I'm working on a memoir tentatively titled Four Murders and a Funeral.  In one of the murders, powdered cocaine plays a role. At least that's what the defendant and his attorney would like us to believe. Whether  the drug was to … [Continue reading]