Lookism and crim justice. Expert research & evaluation.

Medium shot of Thelma & Louise wirth guns.

Lookism and crim justice go together like Thelma and Louise? Naw, more like beer and sausage during Ocktoberfest. (Crim justice, like legislation, is often made like sausage. Ouch!) In my prior blog I looked at the results a novice researcher, … [Continue reading]

Lookism and crim justice: Apprentice research.

Lookism & crim justice: Nick Nolte

I've got a blunt question for today's blog. Do unattractive (read 'ugly') criminals receive harsher sentences than attractive ones? This question interests me because I'm writing a book about  murder and "blind" justice. Testing lookism and crim … [Continue reading]

Today is World Book Day! Some advice.

Cover image for Cleft Heart, Amazon bestseller.

 Today is World Book Day. It's a global celebration of readers, authors, and books. It's an event recognized in over 100 countries around the globe. For school kids, it began this year on April 17 and lasted 5 days.World Book Day—Things to … [Continue reading]

“Angel of Death” serial killer. Going to heaven?

Angel of Death serial killer Harvey. MS of handcuffed man with 2 guards.

 Not exactly an Easter story, but a prison inmate* just killed serial killer Donald Harvey. The inmate's motive, probably, was revenge. King Herod and governmental and religious authorities also wanted revenge for Jesus stirring up trouble.** Unlike … [Continue reading]

Cyberbulling victory? FB cracks down on Revenge Porn.

Bust shot of pensive cyberbullying revenge porn victim Misha Barton in pink top.

Cyberbullying revenge porn constitutes a different kind of revenge than that discussed here last week. Villains who use so-called 'revenge porn' aren't as  heinous as revenge serial killers. But they do cause great harm, esp to women.Cyberbullying … [Continue reading]

Revenge serial killings by a doctor: precision knife attacks.

Pics of 4 Revenge serial killing MD s victims.

 I've been studying revenge serial killings lately for a project I'm doing. They're one of the several types researchers have uncovered since multicide started being a media phenom in the '70s. Among others, types of serial killings include … [Continue reading]

Lookism: Before & After shots of celebrities.

Lookism: Heidi Klum

There's theoretical lookism and applied lookism. I've blogged more about the former than the latter. The latter includes beauty makeup and cosmetic surgery, among other things.Lookism goes to the movies.Because many of you have asked for Before and … [Continue reading]