Celebs with cleft lip & other birth defects——I.

For much of the information and photos in this blog and the followup one, I'm indebted to  Listverse.com  and Madame Noire (MN). Madame Noire is a sophisticated lifestyle site launched by Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Raymond. It is a classic fashion and … [Continue reading]

Would be serial killer blows first attempt.

Tan 2-story motel where Serial killer botches her 1st attempt.

  Before this website transitions more fully toward villains and away from cleft-palate-and-lip heroes (the kids, the medical pros that help them), a little humor is in order.   Of course, lightheartedness is in the eye of the beholder. The victim … [Continue reading]

Announcing the addition of collage materials to my website.

collage by Robert Rauschenberg titled Palladian Xmas

It's kinda exciting.  As part of the slight reorientation of this Heroes, Villains and Fools website, collage materials pertaining to criminal justice topics will be created. They'll be added to the art gallery from time to time. Click here for the … [Continue reading]

Cyberbullying: non-obvious reasons kids of color targeted more.

Cyberbully victim portryed by black hands holding electronic gadget, Caribbean360

Cyberbullying may result from family or societal biases, beliefs, and distortions being unconsciously absorbed by children,then passed on to kids of color. But, there are other reasons than racism and ethnocentrism that explain the high rate of … [Continue reading]

Post-Charlottesville: Violent/Nonviolent cops in the face of bullying?

Blue and white bookcover of "Policing Society" wh deals with bullying .

No bullying allowed?  With the tragic killing in Charlottesville, VA and the subsequent debates about police behavior pre and post Charlottesville bullying, it seems time to mention Policing Society. I wrote the book during a sabbatical in England … [Continue reading]

Improved website, with Not-Blind Justice & Killing augmenting Bullying.

Lady w scales peeks from under her blindfold, leading to not-blind justice

After more than a year of planning and reconstruction by my webmaster, my site is better and more interesting (e.g., featuring topics like not-blind justice). Site has new, easier navigation. The site is faster and easier to navigate now. The … [Continue reading]

My brother’s clefts: When birth defects aren’t defects-Compete & Cooperate

Welcoming baby Steven—w/o birth defects.

A Disability, or Not? By Barbara Schonborn I didn’t think my brother Karl had birth defects. Nor did I think his cleft lip and cleft palate were disabilities. When we were children, Karl was just my competitor or my buddy. Brother with no … [Continue reading]