Male privilege and women in elevators.

Male and female showing male privilege in elevators.

So here's my first bit of advice to those of my male gender. Slow down or cross the street if you're following a woman walking ahead of  you in the middle of the night on a lonely street.   Male privilege and women in elevators. My … [Continue reading]

Brock Turner, Oscar Pistorius: how white privilege works.

Booking shot of fair 20-ish Brock white hoodie.

I sometimes examine white privilege in my crim justice writings, and I'm doing so in a memoir I'm currently working on.  What's interesting about Brock Turner, Oscar Pistorius is that they may've been given light sentences because they were white and … [Continue reading]

Criminologist Yablonsky carried switchblade before seeing the light.

Criminologist Yablonsky

Lewis Yablonsky honored me by writing the forward to my first book as a criminologist, Dealing with Violence back in the '70s. We taught together and enjoyed one another's company. He died in 2014.As part of a series on great colleagues and teachers, … [Continue reading]

Crim Justice takes a hit with regard to older celebs.

Crim justice & Tim Allen

What happens when crim justice, lookism, and celebrity meet face to face? Lady Justice peaks from under her blindfold and renders "modified" justice. Some would call it "in" justice.Crim justice takes a hit.We've explored attractiveness and … [Continue reading]

Blind justice takes a hit with regard to lookism and younger celebs.

What happens when blind justice, lookism, and celebrity intersect?  Something's got to give, at least in our modern culture that worships attractiveness and celebrity. Lady Justice peaks from under her blindfoldand renders "modified" justice. Some … [Continue reading]

Cyberbullying: non-obvious reasons kids of color targeted more.

Cyberbully victim portryed by black hands holding electronic gadget, Caribbean360

  Cyberbullying: Why Do Kids Of Color Get More?Cyberbullying may result from family or societal biases, beliefs, and distortions being unconsciously absorbed by children,then passed on to kids of color. But, there are other reasons than racism … [Continue reading]

Lookism and crim justice. Expert research & evaluation.

Medium shot of Thelma & Louise wirth guns.

Lookism and crim justice go together like Thelma and Louise? Naw, more like beer and sausage during Ocktoberfest. (Crim justice, like legislation, is often made like sausage. Ouch!) In my prior blog I looked at the results a novice researcher, … [Continue reading]