Explaining White Privilege – visiting its historic origins.

Men examining slave's mouth - Historic documentation of white privilege.

Whether you agree with the concept of white privilege or not, it's worth explaining white privilege. Or trying to. To do this, I'll start by taking a look at the origins of the concept. By the way, I agree with the concept as a tool to understand … [Continue reading]

Male privilege, sex, and the fall of a cleft icon.

Male privilege in action? Rep Franks in blue shirt, waving. Scar from cleft on upper lip.

An op ed piece in Friday's Washington Post helped make up my mind re former congressman Trent Franks (R-Ariz.). The op ed author described a classic case of male privilege in action. The writer Melissa Richmond* is currently vice president of Running … [Continue reading]

How to be a friend of CLEFT HEART this Holiday season.

cleft heart book cover

I published Cleft Heart in 2014, and since then thousands of readers and fans have enjoyed the book and showed great support through various social media updates and more. This holiday season, it’d be fantastic if you could use Twitter, Facebook , … [Continue reading]

White economic privilege impacts crim justice system.

Black and white poster with "Let's talk" re White privilege statistics.

 White privilege statistics. I've been writing a memoir of late about how four murders seriously changed my career as a criminologist. So, how do white privilege statistics come into play? Well, among the many reasons the murders changed my … [Continue reading]

Ending white privilege in the criminal justice system?

Black man with blindfold in red-white-and-blue, like a flag.

  In the process of writing my follow-up memoir to Cleft Heart, I've rediscovered the impact white privilege has on the crim justice system. Such privilege has become painfully clear in the four murders that struck amazingly close to home for me in … [Continue reading]

Rape, male privilege, sentencing, and punishment.

Headshot of brunette Amber Rose Carlson in glasses, who addresses her rapist and the sentence he deserves.

An essay about rape and male privilege that's been widely circulated lately got my attention for sure. Not because so many women have been Weinsteined by Harvey who had gatekeeping power or raped by everyday men who were intimidating. But because … [Continue reading]

Scariest Horror Villains of all time? Halloween edition.

It's Halloween season, and so why not have some scary villain fun? It's appropriate here, too. My site is dedicated to heroes, villains, and fools... as well as to the more abstract notions of discrimination and preferential treatment in the justice … [Continue reading]