Cyberbulling victory? FB cracks down on Revenge Porn.

Bust shot of pensive cyberbullying revenge porn victim Misha Barton in pink top.

Cyberbullying revenge porn constitutes a different kind of revenge than that discussed here last week. Villains who use so-called 'revenge porn' aren't as  heinous as revenge serial killers. But they do cause great harm, esp to women.Cyberbullying … [Continue reading]

Revenge serial killings by a doctor: precision knife attacks.

Pics of 4 Revenge serial killing MD s victims.

 I've been studying revenge serial killings lately for a project I'm doing. They're one of the several types researchers have uncovered since multicide started being a media phenom in the '70s. Among others, types of serial killings include … [Continue reading]

Lookism: Before & After shots of celebrities.

Lookism: Heidi Klum

There's theoretical lookism and applied lookism. I've blogged more about the former than the latter. The latter includes beauty makeup and cosmetic surgery, among other things.Lookism goes to the movies.Because many of you have asked for Before and … [Continue reading]

Prison life is hard. Outside can be harder. CSP revisited.

Prison life left behind, but now what?

 Prison life gone bad?I've known, and been a victim of, someone who recidivized. Recidivism refers to committing a crime after being "rehabilitated" in prison. When it comes to prison life, it's a big "No No." To victims,  everyday taxpayers, … [Continue reading]

Prison life 101: Help adjusting to life outside.

Prison life vs Outside life.

Despite America's current turn to the political right, there is still momentum in the US to reduce the number of inmates in prison—for financial as well as "fairness" reasons. That means a lot of inmates—mostly nonviolent offenders—will be soon … [Continue reading]

Villains you sort of root for—Russell & Rhys in “The Americans.”

Villain Keri Russell in "The Americans"

One of the few TV shows that's got its hooks in me is The Americans. Maybe it's because I grew up during the cold war. Or maybe it's because the villains often seem like heroes. Keeping bad guys and good guys straight is fun. Watch, esp if you think … [Continue reading]

Prison rehabilitation: Turning zeroes into heroes?

Afro-Italian inmate in orange apron working at table.

 A recent article about carcerite, “prison syndrome,” is especially interesting in that it gives insight into the prison system in Italy. While bedeviled with overcrowding, just like the US, Italy has some "inspired" prison rehabilitation … [Continue reading]