Beware villains who work for “The Greater Good.”

Two people who are the Villains in "The Rings"

 We're in a dangerous political time when everyone seems to be an advocate of "The Greater Good." World history has been rewritten by leaders/demagogues/villains who believed they were doing everyone a favor.The United States is divided now into … [Continue reading]

Lookism: Dr. Oz’ age-reducing elixir?

Close up of 2 Renee Zellweger face shots in lookism Before & After

We've all seen the lookism click-bait before and after shots, esp of celebrities. They try to get us to buy anti-aging products. One that's been getting a lot of attention lately is Parisian Glow cream that claims to have Dr. Oz's endorsement. I've … [Continue reading]

TV’s 10 most evil villains today.

Bust shot of Joffrey Baratheon, villain from TV's Game of Thrones.

 This site is about faces and heroes, villains, and fools.  I've looked at asymmetrical faces—due to cleft lips and palates often—a lot. However, I haven't written many blogs about villainous faces which often feature asymmetry. For that matter, I've … [Continue reading]

Kids charged as felons for bullying: Racism?

Woman holding hand of young child marching to end 'school-to-prison pipeline.'

 Back in May of 2016 about 100 parents, seniors and clergy marched in protest in Clayton, Missouri (near Ferguson). They didn't like an impending law that they felt would create a  “school-to-prison pipeline.” They said that the soon-to-be enacted … [Continue reading]

‘Gone Girl’ still victimized by cyberbullying.

Head shots of cyberbullying victim Denise Huskins & kidnapper Matthew Muller: attractive blonde and dark-haired villain.

 In this my first first blog of 2017, I will begin a process of including more topics about villains, apropos of the theme of this website. Today, I'm writing about a cyberbullying villain.Heroes, Villains and Fools.Of late, I've  focused a lot on … [Continue reading]

How countries rank re cleft lip & palate needs.

Map of world with Rich/poor countries & cleft lip repair resources shown in dark and light red.

On a day when many of us see people around the world celebrating New Years on TV, I thought it appropriate to consider how cleft lip care resources vary around the world.There are many countries in the world where patients with cleft lip and palate … [Continue reading]

How can Santa make the Holidays happy? By delivering 3D printers for cleft lip surgery.

White head in middle of box-like 3d-printer for cleft lip & palate surgery

You may see Santa and his reindeer streaming thru the sky tonight or see them on those radar images TV newscasters use to chart his path from the North Pole. If so, let's hope that he's delivering 3-D printers which'll help countries around the world … [Continue reading]