If Bullies went after possible Oscar two timer—-past Winner and current Nominee—-is any girl safe?

Oscar Winner–and nominee for a second Oscar this week–admits to being the girl bullies targeted.

A while back, The Sun in the UK broke the story that Jennifer Lawrence was bullied throughout her childhood. And in a recent interview in Vogue after landing on the coveted cover of the September 2013 issue, Lawrence revealed she had an awkward, unhappy childhood that included medication and therapy. When she finally moved to Los Angeles–where she pursued her longtime acting dream–she was so happy she no longer needed meds!

Check out The Sun details, and the star,  in this admittedly flamboyant video.

Social awkwardness and bullies.

Well, to address the question “Is any girl or boy safe,” it depends. Most every kid goes through awkward periods, or periods where they feel they’re awkward. Their peers probably sense this, and unskilled socially as most kids are, peers tease and make fun of this “differentness.”

If the awkwardness persists, and the teasing continues, the behavior truly becomes bullying. (Most researchers require that behavior be repeated, aggressive, and reflective of an imbalance of power to constitute true bullying.) Apparently, Lawrence outgrew her awkwardness, her life got better in middle school, and the teasing stopped. One wonders if the awkwardness was “physical” since she grew to be 5′ 9.” If other kids caught up with Lawrence’s height, then her  differentness” may’ve disappeared.

Then again, her awkwardness may’ve been “social.” In another video about Lawrence, hosted by the Huffington Post’Josh Zepps, a media expert explains that many actors report being bullied as youngsters. The expert hypothesizes that if budding thespians practice their craft–and perform serious works–they’re bound to be nonconforming and different–that’s what plays and movies are about.

To end on a lighter note, do you think Jennifer Lawrence is an amazingly talented Oscar winning actress? What’s your prediction, will she, the Best Actress in Silver Linings Playbook, win as best Supporting Actress in American Hustle? 


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