Official Back Cover Blurb for Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal


Karl Schonborn’s is locked away for years by a that makes his speech unclear and his face asymmetrical. Bullies target him for this and even for being restricted from PE and sports.

But with courage, humor, and his family’s love, he overcomes shame, handicaps, and personal losses that might have defeated others. Skilled doctors, speech therapists, and his own determination allow him a shot at his dream of becoming a debate star and attending an elite college.

However, after various successes must deal with reverses in his love life and worse―unspeakable tragedy in his family. Somehow, he survives, even thrives.

Spanning the WWII ‘40s, the conformist ’50s, and the revolutionary ‘60s, Schonborn’s coming-of-age story recounts, among other things, his friendship with a famous folksinger, conscientious-objection to the Vietnam War, and an amazing around-the-world odyssey.

His story, like the stories of the speech-challenged Greek orator Demosthenes and British King George VI, will have you crying and cheering at the same time.

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    This is a very good back page for your new book, Karl. I’m looking forward to reading “Cleft Heart” this week before your reading at Orinda Books.

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