Lookism: what do women like in men?

The languid days of summer are upon us in America. That means there’s more chance that we men will be socializing with women. Heck, some of us will even be stripping down to bathing suits on beaches.

Bust shot of well-muscled actor Hugh Jackman

Actor Hugh Jackman

Lookism seems a natural tendency in males.

Many young men try to figure out what makes them more attractive to women. A variety of studies have looked at the parts of the body women zero in on as “attractive.” Five features are singled out in this video

As the so-called science of attraction marches on, there will always be findings that make people playing the dating-rating-mating game either insecure or falsely confident. For those men disheartened by these findings, there are some science-based tricks at the end of my blog that’ll cheer you up.



While the comments below are generally earnest reactions to this video, I’d advise treating them like light “beach” reading. That means don’t take them too seriously and enjoy their entertainment value.
In that vein, please make comments yourself. 

Nikola Tesla

Failed in everything because I am an Asian.

Boneca Sozinha

+SilentMover95 you have the most important thing, brain.
hafiz miau

so basically meaning… first step, don’t be asian!?
sarvesh rane

+hafiz miau lol….indeed bro…
I'mWearingYourGrandmasCoat ILookIncredible

Asian guys might not always be as attractive as Europeans/Caucasians by global standards , but with their warm hearts and their romantic nature and sweetness, they can get any girl they want. (:
Cruz 85

I have all this but I’m still ugly
André Diniz Channel

André Diniz Channel3 months ago
U Can Sweep it all if U have MONEY
Le Gunnar

they forgot beard and eyebrows

Nothing new here.
Gorilao da Bola Azul

mmm so thats why i could never get a girlfriend and i will probably never breed

This studies are all wrong. I can’t trust a video called “The Science Of Attractiveness” wh[ere] having lots of money isn’t on the list.
haris tahir

Money attracts girls more than anything….

Boneca Sozinha

+haris tahir. money attract poor women
Van's MTV

+syslezシャルレス ????? becuz rich women can atttrack by poor men or women?? joke ???
Knock Cloud

Symmetry, really n****; doesn’t have symmetry, as humans its like a prerequisite more than anything 

Money attracts more women than any of these qualities.
Boneca Sozinha

+DontF***WitDreDay the bitches only

For all the sheltered people on youtube: Men love money just as much as women do. Women work and go to school for their money. If you have a problem with this statement you are naive and choose to stay ignorant instead of getting out. Keep on learning what you know about gender stereotypes through fixated hateful biased comments from uneducated children, while the rest of us enjoy being free from this singular concept and enjoy each others company outside of the internet.

Field of View

+warmccl Fact: Men don’t give a f*** about a potential gf/wife’s income. Meanwhile most women only date men who make similar or more money than them. You’re in denial.

+Field of View. Nothing wrong with what you wrote and it still does not disprove anything I wrote if that’s what you were going for.


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