Lookism equal time: what makes a woman attractive?

In last week’s lookism blog post, I passed on  six scientifically proven tips on how men can be more physically attractive to women. In the interest of fair play, now we have six for women – all based on scientific studies presented by a respected source. 

Lookism originally started as men ogling women.

Because of the importance of marriage to women historically, many young women have tried to figure outover the ages what makes them attractive to men. Science has recently generated many studies looking at what it is that attracts men to particular women. 

As the so-called science of attraction marches on, many findings will make people playing the dating-rating-mating game either insecure or falsely confident. For those women disheartened by these findings, there is always the fact that personality—and often smarts—trump the physical attributes noted in the video summary below.

Lookism video.

Nice figured, smiling, healthy haired woman wearing red. holding umbrella.

Nice figured, smiling, healthy haired woman wearing red.

So, excluding your waist-to-hip ratio which you can’t control except through diet and/or rib-removal surgery, here are the tips:
  • raise the pitch of your voice, at least when around a guy you like
  • smile more
  • keep your hair healthy
  •  wear red, and 
  • use less makeup.

A sampling of the 430 comments is below. As with last week’s recommendations and comments, take them with a grain of salt.

Sammi J.

why am I watching this I’m gay


me too HAHAH
Silvia Mendes

A high voice? I would say the opposite, a lower voice is sexier

Yeah, it’s more unique
S Smith

less makeup? guys honestly can’t ever tell how much makeup a woman is wearing. usually when a guy thinks she’s not wearing makeup, she is actually wearing a lot.

Sir fap alot

+blondie [… Make-up changes the way someone looks drastically. When you look at say[, a] ‘power of make-up’ video, it is just really shocking.
Anna “girlylittleanna” Salvatore

Guys think that a girl wears too much make up only when she wears bright and strong colours.
Catherine Rimmer

lilac dawn

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is all.

Did you know that when a girl is around a guy they like they will subconsciously make their voice higher-pitched? Now we know why!
Trey Shipman

I agree with the red, not the high voice though I’m sorry just when women have a low voice I find it really attractive.

Not true about men and smiling… I love it when a man smiles a lot.. especially if he has dimples when he smiles 🙂


And his face ❤️??
Laura Babtists

+Rkat Amen! I love it when guys have dimples and a nice smile!
Erik Stoop

+1NegativeZero I think the media has no influence at all. Someone is hot or he/she is not. There are a lot of semi atractive women posing the the magazines. Most runway models are just ugly.

why did it take a scientist to tell? just ask any straight decent guy what makes a woman attractive.
Cake Kyo

F*** this, I am wearing pink every day.
Taii potatoie

I never understood the whole waist/ hip ratio thing
Pink Marshmallow

does skin tone count, sometimes men like my dark skin and some dont

Pink Marshmallow

+famule peterson Tbh I think it’s kinda sad still, I just don’t fight over it, I’ll be seen as crazy anyway
famule peterson

+Pink Marshmallow Don’t be sad about it:( we all have preferences,some people like blondes, others brunetes, it’s no different to that. I’m sure there are many people who are incredibly attracted toyou, it’s just normal for some to not be.
Pineapple Applepine

There was another study that showed women in general/on average prefer smiling men
♠ J U D I T H ♠

touches of red… here and there

i hate how that when it comes down to it, it’s about making babies. f*** that. sometimes i hate science.
NarkDights | Hexthrill

Hygiene plays a huge part in this. Basically if a woman looks healthy, she smiles and looks free of diseases and clean. The healthy hair is a good example.


ah, well i thought people only liked straight hair, so I straightened my hair everyday for 3 years. I had lots of split ends, and still do, so I cut my hair. so sad ;(

+MyBloomingLife not true..I have curly hair and forever in my life men have loved it. In fact I straighten it so I don’t get attention when I go out. Over it ..
Lara Hosking

“she can have ma bebe”

why am i watching this I’m Black

Tamara Collins

I’m black… I didn’t see this video as racist at all. Any race could fit into these categories. If anything this video is a tad sexist but I see no racism. 

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