Moma Mia! A couple of cleft lip beauties.

Move over, Big Mia   

The whole world thrilled watching the fancy footwork of Mia Hamm as she,Brandi Chastain and others won gold for the American Women’s Soccer team in the 1996 Summer Olympics held in the U.S. However, Big Mia (real name Mariel Margaret) may soon have to share the limelight with two other Mia’s.


Mia Hamm ’98 WikiCmns J.Mena


Tiny Mia with a Cleft Lip

One of them, a tiny Chihuahua named Mia, was born with a cleft lip and palate. Veterinarians wanted to put Mia down, but her owner insisted that little Mia be given surgery instead. Mia deserved a chance at life she implored. After being treated for her birth defect,  tiny Mia proved her owner’s judgment to be sound: she grew to be a loving, wonderful pet.

All this inspired her owner and others to create The Mia Foundation. Its goal is to give animals born with birth defects a fighting chance. So many animals born with birth defects, such as cleft palates or missing limbs, are euthanized at birth.  When these animals receive a little medical work and some love, they give back much more than anyone could possibly imagine.

Kitten & Dog Mia with repaired Cleft Lip

Mia’s repaired Cleft Lip

Since the Foundation’s establishment, Mia has given much  love, hope and inspiration to many people all over the world!   She’s a lot like another dog with a repaired cleft lip and palate, Lentil


Small Mia with a Cleft Lip

As noted in an earlier blog , Mia Robertson —the daughter of Duck Dynasty’s Jase and Missy Robertson —underwent yet another surgery recently for her bilateral cleft lip and palate.The Duck Dynasty clan have kept their fans updated about Mia’s surgeries.  Mia’s mom said the 8 year old maintained an incredibly positive attitude as she was prepped for her recent surgery.

Mia (l) and cousin Sadie

Mia (l) and her cousin Sadie             MiaMoo

 As  she was “wheeled away”for surgery, most members of the gathered Dynasty family began an anxious wait. When the surgery was finished, they breathed a sign of relief  as Mia flashed a big thumbs-up to them.  It’s incredible to see Mia so young, yet so strong as she faces things that others can’t even imagine.   

 Next: some details about the Duck Dynasty’s famous Small Mia.



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