Might Thumper have a cleft lip next time?

Not your father’s Cinderella.  

Cindarella in wheelchair at foot of spiral staircase.

Palombo’s Cindarella

Striking images of everybody’s beloved cartoon characters appeared online last January.

They came, not surprisingly, from a disabled person. Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo, created them to show that disabled people have rights and are part of the world.

Palombo’s angst about disabilities is not abstract like the abstract simplification of cartoon characters. It’s real. You see, he became a disabled person a couple of years ago when  some parts of his body became paralyzed after he had surgery to remove a rare form of cancer.

In this account, Palombo says, “I am now a disabled person, and every day I have to deal with all forms of discrimination and humiliation.”

 Truly, paralysis of any sort has got to impact a visual artist. Palombo has a right to be edgy in word and deed.

“Disability is part of our world, but unfortunately too many people think that it is something ugly that you have to hide,” Palombo told Global News.

Are disabled princesses up to Disney’s standards?

Palombo said that while the Disney princesses have long been held as a “blueprint ” that some young girls look up to, he wonders if the films would be as popular if the characters were people living with physical disabilities. He doesn’t think persons with disabilities “match Disney’s standards of beauty.” 

Palombo, a resident of Milan, hopes to improve social awareness of people living with disabilities in his cartoons.

His cartoons are featured on his blog Humor Chic, The illustrations depict many of Disney’s princesses without limbs and using a wheelchair or other equipment for assistance with mobility.

 Sleeping Beauty & Pochahontus

Sleeping Beauty & Pochahontus

Besides Ariel and Cindarella below, Palombo’s “Disabled Disney Princesses” series includes Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”










So I ask you, might Thumper have a cleft lip and cleft palate speech in the next release of “Bambi?”


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