Cleft lip caretaker and extraordinary woman.

Tomorrow, March 31, will be the anniversary of Laura Schonborn’s death. To honor her, I’m posting a few remarks and two paintings I did of her.

A heroine of mine.

A heroine is a woman who is admired for, among other things, her fine qualities. Laura’s qualities included being a selfless caregiver. During most of my early life, Laura put my needs–and those of her other two children–before hers time after time.

Caretaker extraordinaire.

At her memorial service Reverend Danford Lion said,  “With gentle concern she gave herself to  many, and took but little in return.”  He had begun her service saying, “Friends, we gather to pay affectionate tribute to Laura Schonborn, for whom we all felt a love impossible to express fully in mere words.”

One reader of Cleft Heart, Believer, called Laura “a loving and dedicated mother.” Another reader, Roberta Corson, summed it up succinctly, “What an incredible mother Karl had.”


Slightly posturized painting Woman in '20s  by Karl Schonborn

          “Laura.” Painting by Karl Schonborn


Painting of woman holding son with repaired cleft lip. Image of unrepaired lip. Image of son at age ten.

“Laura with cleft lip son at different ages.” Painting by Karl Schonborn







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