Bullied cleft lip teen and others undergo plastic surgery


Dr. Thomas Romo’s  Little Baby Face Foundation provides free plastic surgery to low-income children with facial deformities. This video shows the foundation at work, highlighting 

four recent applicants to the Foundation. Dr. Romo’s team considered fixing Conner’s cleft lip and large nose, Renata’s large nose, Donovan’s small chin, and Cheyenne’s deformed eyelids.

Bullied cleft lip high schooler gets surgery.  


Plastic surgery offered to low socio-economic bullied teens

The ‘Second Chances’ the team has offered poor, bullied kids over the years have seemed well and good. However, when the team decided  to treat Renata whose medical problems were less obvious, controversy ensued. High schooler Renata, featured in these three videos, has received a good deal of media attention lately, having been interviewed by “Dateline,”  CNN’s Piers Morgan, and others. Renata went under the knife to change the large nose that kids teased her about. At the same time, the team  gave her a chin implant and “fixed” her ears. She’s back in school now, happy as a clam, but critics say she and Dr.Romo’s foundation handed victory to the bullies.

If you’re interested in Dr. Romo’s rationale for operating on Renata, whom he says had a slightly underdeveloped side of her face, see Piers Morgan’s interview with him.

What’s your opinion: Does surgery let the bullies win?

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