Cleft Lip Beauty looking for help to pay for Pageant Expenses

Cleft lip beauty Katie Barrow needs your help now.

923497_663579847034428_1829169689_nShe needed help 20 years ago, and apparently received some very good surgical help, judging from the outcome of her four facial operations. Let’s set aside quibbling as to whether talented reconstructive surgeons gave her an edge, just as Oscar Pistorius’ “blades” may’ve given him an edge against other runners (lot of good they’re doing him now).

Katie deserves your financial support because, as a cleft lip and palate afflicted infant, she’s fought a long and hard battle to overcome the hand dealt her, not to mention bullies that hassled her along the way.

Battled bullies growing up.

According to a recent CBC report, Katie Barrow has a message for the bullies she grew up with:

“I just want to say thanks, because I wouldn’t be the person I am today because of it. It gave me so much courage.”

 “I always dreamt of [pageants], but I never thought I was pretty enough … or good enough to do something like that,” she said.

Katie began to flower after attending various camps for kids with facial differences. Her mother, Donna Barrow,  said that after the camps and a leadership program, her daughter was walking a little taller:

“It’s surprising for me, because Katie is a very shy girl. For her to do something like this is very overwhelming.”

Katie Barrow with her parents

Visit Katie Barrow on Facebook to see how you can help her finance her bid. She’s got dresses to buy, competition fees, and plane fare to Toronto from the remote Newfoundland & Labrador Canadian provice she’ll represent. She and her family will be staging  one fundraiser a month from now until August. She’s got a GoFundMe account @ .



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