“Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal” Facebook Page Launched

I'm Monte Red White and Blue --4th of July Wkend

I’m Monte Red White and Blue –4th of July Wkend

Anti-Bully warrior, Monte, encouraged me to set up a Facebook page for Cleft Heart and his favorite cause, the elimination of
bullying in schools and online.

Monte’s a rescue dog who’s spent four months in shelters of various sorts. He’s had a hard life so far, and still
gets bullied, though by dogs and not humans now.

Since bullying is part of the Cleft Heart story, I encourage you to visit https://www.facebook.com/CleftHeartChasingNormal
and give the public page that pops up a Like. You can do this–whether you’re a FB member or not–by clicking on Likes on the line just below
the “Stop Bullying Now” banner which features the words “About. . .Photos. . .Likes.”

Consider bookmarking the FB Page and this website so that you can

•        Receive discounts or promotions

•         Stay informed about the anti-bullying movement

•        Be  entertained by Monte, one of the cutest pups you’ll ever meet

•        Interact and connect with others interested in topics on this site and in Cleft Heart

  •      Get educated about campaigns to benefit bullied kids, esp those with oral-facial disorders.
  •      Show support for kids with serious medical challenges.



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