Facial symmetry is sexy, but why?

Facial symmetry has been felt to be attractive, even sexy, because our DNA correlates symmetry with good health. But Stephanie Pappas reports on a recent study that calls all this into question:Despite the widespread assumption that symmetry might be a sign of good health, studies have turned up little evidence of a link between the two. A few small studies have linked facial asymmetry with some short-term health woes, like scratchy throats, but many others have found no links at all.However, … [Read more...]

Measuring facial symmetry in cleft lip kids and everyday people.

How the heck did Dr. Coe manage to visualize the tangle of my oral tissue and muscle when he sewed me—Humpty Dumpty— back together?  As I wrote in my memoir, Cleft Heart: chasing normal,            "With final form and functionality in mind, Dr. Coe set about joining the two sides of my face. The union had to be exactly right so that when the scars contracted, they would   not notch the red vermillion of my lip or distort the area between my lip and nose. ...All this had to be figured out fast, … [Read more...]

Best looking candidates win? Lookism research says yes.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Sept 17 that science suggests why certain politicians win election to the highest offices in the land. Might this come into play in the GOP primaries here in the US? 'You betcha,' to use one of the fave expressions of Sarah Palin, a veteran of a recent campaign for VP (along with Senator John McCain for POTUS).Lookism research findings apply to America as well as Australia.A former beauty queen, Palin watched as lookism reared its ugly head recently when … [Read more...]

Hollywood’s beauty ideal changes, but symmetry’s always king

What sort of female faces has Hollywood pushed since its early days?  What was done to these faces in lieu of today's photoshopping with respect to makeup, eyebrow shaping, and hair (you know, big hair vs curly hair vs bobbed hair).  And what kind of bodies went with these faces: thin, curvy, tall and leggy, etc? Enduring symmetry. No matter what beauty ideal Hollywood promoted,  symmetry's always been king.  Sophia Loren—1960s idealAs Bustle writer JR Thorpe, tells it:'The history of Western … [Read more...]

Symmetry & the world’s 2 most beautiful faces.

  Let's look at the results of a study scientists recently conducted re the most beautiful faces in the world.   If you want to see how you measure up, check out the guidelines below. Note that symmetry is very important.. "Symmetry" & the faces of the most beautiful man and woman in the world. The ideal female face FemaleNear perfect facial symmetryAlmond-shaped, brown eyes: 0.48* distance apart from eye centres, each is 0.23 widthArched, shaped eyebrows: 0.125 distance above … [Read more...]

A challenge for cleft lip kids: symmetry.

  I return again to the topic of facial symmetry which we've dealt with here, here, and here, to cite only recent blog posts. Cleft lip kids face challenge when dating. To show why symmetry bedevils cleft lip kids, esp as they get to dating age, I've borrowed the findings cited in a recent Wiki article about physical attractiveness. (Actually , the pertinent info is from the entry entitled Symmetry in the "Facial Attractiveness" subsection. ) I've modified the wiki article footnotes which … [Read more...]

Angelina’s only an 8. Take the beauty, symmetry test.

Do you distrust your cellphone 'cuz it takes endless selfies to get just the right shot?   Do you wonder about your boyfriend or husband who say you're gorgeous? (What's he up to, anyway?) Does your mother say, "you're beautiful, but a little more effort or makeup might help?" No more questions about beauty, symmetry. Don't sweat the conflicting, subjective assessments any longer. This website will give you the straight scoop, and all it takes is downloading a picture of yourself. … [Read more...]