Cleft lip superboy (Joaquin Phoenix) fights bullies.

Cleft lip (really micro cleft) actor, Joaquin Phoenix, then known as Leaf, uses his super-breath and heat-vision to rain death upon the three stereotypical '80s bullies who dare to throw him in a dumpster. It's just a dream, and he's not actually Superboy.  Video called Superkid:  Cleft lip wonder.Superboy (1988-92) was a flawed but likable attempt to put a youthful spin on the Man of Steel by placing him in college and ridding Metropolis of crime between classes.  John Haymes Newton did a … [Read more...]

Jesus with a cleft lip in Mary-Magdalene biopic?

Joaquin Phoenix Will Likely Play Jesus with a cleft lip.Hollywood is abuzz with the news that Joaquin Phoenix will likely play Jesus, with a cleft lip,  in a new movie about Mary Magdalene—an important woman in Jesus' life. It will reportedly be "an authentic and humanistic portrait of one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood spiritual figures in history.” Jesus with a cleft lip will be a first.Other actors to have famously taken on the role of Jesus in past films include Willem Dafoe (The … [Read more...]

Cleft lip daughter and Black daughter-in-law: McCain’s OK.

I've had a love-hate relationship with Senator John McCain over the years—not unlike the relationship Trump has had with the senator. We've both disagreed with some of McCain's conservative politics, but for vastly different reasons. Interestingly enough, tho, Trump endorsed McCain this week, knowing that he (Trump) had had a perfectly horrible week and that McCain faces a tough re-election battle in Arizona. For details re the endorsement, see the end of my blog post.Cleft lip daughter, Black … [Read more...]

Why discipline, not punishment, may stop cyberbulling. . . and police over-reaction.

Cyberbullying: Australia's findings/recommendations.After one of the most convulsive weeks in recent American history, it's worth listening to experts who've evaluated the West's approach to cyberbullying and found it wanting.To look at findings and recommendations re bullying from Australia and, most importantly, to think about their applicability to bullying  by racist, homicidal cops, is wise. It's wise because America lacks ideas and effective solutions re lethal police brutality at this … [Read more...]

Facial profiling technology for Pretty-Wannabes.

 Oh no. I've written blogs about facial recognition here (and facial discrimination too), but never anything specifically about facial profiling. While facial profiling sounds 1984ish, it also completes the analogy I've been slowly drawing between those sound-alike concepts of "face" and "race." What's even harder to take, is that this effort to "to identify [facial] areas which conform less to the ideal proportions" and improve them comes from my home-away-from-home, Manchester, England. I … [Read more...]

King Tut cont’d. Plus, was (step) mom Nefertiti photoshopped?

A little backstory before we address the question raised in the last blog (why King Tut was born with a cleft and a clubfoot?) and the question of photoshopping Nefertiti, playing fast and loose with her looks. I Luxored out and got to see Tut's Treasures.I liked King Tut before I learned he shared a cleft and other birth defects with me. I guess it was all that gold leaf associated with his funeral mask, and buried art treasures found in his tomb. Can't remember why I missed Tut's first visit … [Read more...]

NFL’s Martin will always be linked with Incognito’s bullying.

An injury ends my string of blogs about the Martin-Incognito affair.Carolina Panther offensive lineman Jonathan Martin,  who became a household name when he left the Miami Dolphins because teammate Richie Incognito bullied him, is retiring. Martin announced Monday that it's not bullying this time that's taking him off the field, it's a recent back injury which would have required season-ending surgery. Fair or not, Martin's short NFL career won't be remembered for the 32 starts he made from … [Read more...]