Heroes for Father’s Day…and any day.

Noticed the following list of America's top 100 cinematic heroes (and villains). What a perfect topic for Father's Day, "heroes." I nominate my dad.Though my dad never starred in the movies, he did shoot and produce educational films for Coronet Films like "Telling Time," which taught kids to read a clock. He helped my mother cope with the challenges of my cleft lip and palate. And he helped her raise two other kids.In The American Film Institute's  list below, a "hero" is defined as a character … [Read more...]

Someone I love needs a cure. The ALS Challenge.

Am thrilled about the ice bucket fever that's sweeping the nation...and world (Lindsay Lohan just challenged Prince Harry). ALS, also known as  Lou Gehrig's Disease, is challenging my wife's sister and her loved ones on a daily basis. I'm so glad that the disease is getting the attention it deserves since we desperately need research to find a cure for this generally fatal disease that strikes randomly and seems to have no rhyme or reason.  I'm also proud of all of our relatives who're risen … [Read more...]

Know any Heroic Dogs, Cats or even Rats?

Have been looking at dog shelters and rescue centers of late – hoping to adopt another dog to replace loving Lucy who died six months ago. Discussions with dog experts and read-throughs of dog books got me thinking about the heroism demonstrated by man's best friend. . . and other so-called lower animals. Most owners would probably nominate their own dog as a hero. Just like the dedicated men and women who get hero awards for selfless service to others, most family pets match these heroes … [Read more...]

Heroes on the Front Lines in the Classroom–Violence in Taft & Newtown

  Less than a month after a disturbed  20 year-old gunman killed 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut, authorities hailed California science teacher Ryan Heber and campus supervisor Kim Fields as heroes for talking a 16-year-old shooter into putting down his shotgun. The school personnel  thus averted further carnage at Taft High School 30 miles southwest of Bakersfield, California where the shooter with a hit list had opened fire and critically wounded a student he … [Read more...]