Oscar Pistorius——not mentally disabled, but a psychopath?

No mental disability when fired shots. It's been a month since various media shouted the news that Oscar Pistorius didn't have a mental disability when he killed his girlfriend. So technically, he has only one disability, his amputated legs. However, it's been over a year (Feb 2013) when I speculated that Pistorius might be a psychopath along the lines of fallen and disgraced sports heroes like Lance Armstrong and O.J. Simpson. I'd have to say the "jury is still out" regarding whether … [Read more...]

And still more Reverse Looksism?

Am I sensing a turnaround? Is the race beginning to go to the Plain Janes and Sorry Sams rather than the Perfect 10s?  It would seem so judging from yet another media story about a 10, Alicia Silverstone, losing a role back in the 1990s because she was ‘too pretty’ for ‘My So-Called Life.’ According to The New Yorker, co-creators of the highly regarded TV series---that dared to deal with  child abuse, homophobia, teenage alcoholism, homelessness, school violence, and drug use---argued over … [Read more...]

Heroes Create Problems–at least in some places

During a recent trip to Nicaragua, I heard one of the most compelling arguments I've ever heard against heroes. (Mind you, though,  people don't run up to me every day to whisper  anti-hero nasties in my ear.)   A local guide explained that Nicaragua's largest city, Managua,  confuses visitors because it has no street signs. He explained, "That means you or your taxi driver better know an important landmark near where you want to go. . .or you're up a creek." My mind transported me back to … [Read more...]

Lance Armstrong, a Sociopath? Or a Psychopath on the order of O.J and maybe Oscar Pistorius?

      Nothing new about a hero falling from grace and joining the ranks of the villainous or foolish. This site includes pictures of Babe Ruth, General Patton, and Charlie Chaplin who travelled this path in the eyes of many. The infractions of these three, besides a kind of un-American personal arrogance, included, respectively, abusing a wife, slapping a soldier, and engaging in controversial relationships and politics. What bothers many people about … [Read more...]

Heroes, Villains and Fools: Mixes and Archetypes

Are any of the iconic figures in the slide show to the left a mixture of heroic, villainous and foolish? (Pause the show with your cursor or finger. If you can't figure out who's who, go to the PROMOTIONS page for the answers. In my opinion some of the icons in the slide show--and many who are not included in the show--are a mix. Why would this be? Well, many icons have been 'debunked' in modern life by journalists, biographers, and people “in  the know.” For example, former hero and … [Read more...]