Disability Freak shows——Hits and misses.

 Perhaps you saw the "Side Show" song and dance number during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year production. It intrigued me how the two female leads were able to stay "conjoined" at the hips or shoulders through the difficult dance maneuvers. Conjoined twins.   "Side Show"— not-so-disabled twins. Perhaps you've also seen episodes of  "Freak Show," part of the American Horror Story anthology  broadcast on the cable television channel FX in the United States. It features a variant on a … [Read more...]

Gaga’s Disabilities Foundation Under fire.

  Gaga in dodo over disabilities song lyrics?                             As promised, I'll provide some information about Gaga's beleaguered "Born This Way" Foundation (BTWF) and her mother who cofounded it with her. But first, a few words about the "Born this Way" song, which stirred controversy when she released it. Besides the expected negativity from those who hate gay-friendly lyrics, several … [Read more...]

Disabilities and Lady Gaga’s anti-bully lyrics.

  Lately, news reporters have been writing about Lady Gaga's foundation to combat bullying. Because so much of the foundation is linked to the recording artist's words in "Born This Way," it's important to look at the lyrics. Disabilities mentioned. What's exciting to me, besides the anti bully message, is Lady Gaga's use of the word "disabilities "about two-thirds into her song:  "Whether life's disabilitiesLeft you outcast, bullied, or teasedRejoice and love yourself today'cause baby … [Read more...]

Someone I love needs a cure. The ALS Challenge.

Am thrilled about the ice bucket fever that's sweeping the nation...and world (Lindsay Lohan just challenged Prince Harry). ALS, also known as  Lou Gehrig's Disease, is challenging my wife's sister and her loved ones on a daily basis. I'm so glad that the disease is getting the attention it deserves since we desperately need research to find a cure for this generally fatal disease that strikes randomly and seems to have no rhyme or reason.  I'm also proud of all of our relatives who're risen … [Read more...]

Does Appearance Matter? Who are You Looking at?

  Does our appearance determine our life chances? A young woman who was born with a visible difference tells you what it's like in the above video, entitled "The Visible Difference." Born with a cleft lip and palate, Alexandria Barker is a psychology student in Britain. Corrective surgeries and a loving family have made her “visible difference” no longer a problem for her, but she knows that not all are as lucky as her. Many people with a visible difference have trouble in the work … [Read more...]

Politicians and Columnists concerned that Abortions of Fetuses with Clefts Constitute “Eugenics.”

  Late-term abortions of fetuses with clefts Some Members of Parliament in the UK have called for a review of abortion laws since recent data show many more mothers than realized ask that their cleft fetuses be aborted. According to a committee of MPs and peers, evidence suggests "many pregnancies are being terminated up until full term simply because of cosmetic flaws." Mothers and doctors are engaging in "discrimination" according to some. I'd second this: sounds like "facial … [Read more...]

Live, Love, and Laugh with Author of Cleft Heart

A baby announcement: Born today, October 15 A ruddy-looking, one pound, three ounce . . . book. Midwife - Wayman Publishing Since my two kids aren’t even married yet, Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal is the closest thing to a grandchild I’ll be seeing for a while. You can catch a glimpse of the Schonborn newborn at: AMAZON copy n paste to browser … [Read more...]