Cyberbullying in Oakland concerns Warriors.

Cyberbullying bothers the Golden State Warriors enough to get them to partner with various organizations serving Oakland, CA schools.Home court winners close to NBA record.The amazing pro basketball team is on the brink of setting yet another NBA record. Yesterday they tied the Chicago Bulls' record for the longest home winning streak at 44 straight games. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson generally lead the charge. But what's amazing is that the Warriors function as a true team. The Warriors' Shaun … [Read more...]

A presidential candidate’s way to end lookism.

While my dog Monte Blue–the Anti-bully Warrior—shared a link to this story on a couple of social media outlets, I think it's funny (or sick) enough to share here.Lookism?Admittedly, the "lookism" referred to here is different from the lookism I blog about, the problems the would-be presidential candidate addresses interconnect with  bullying and discrimination which I do write about. Here is the story which came in the form of a letter to TribLive– part of a Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Tribune … [Read more...]

Boy hassled by bullies in film has new life.

   Bullies got more than they bargained for when Alex Libby, one of the students in the 2001 "Bully" documentary, flowered and began to thrive in a new school. Tho Alex still has the flattened nose and Asperger's that triggered much of his earlier bullying, he's a confident happy kid these days.Columnist Tony Leys of the Des Moines Register wrote this follow-up story on Alex recently. Here it is in its entirety: Bullies find unintended consequences of their acts. Alex Libby, who was featured in … [Read more...]

Things are looking up for site & Cleft Heart.

Can't complain about millions of site visitors. Just yesterday, my dog*  and I were thrilled to learn some stats about this website ( As of May 1, 2015, over 125,000 readers have visited the website and blog (126,000 to be exact) since it's inception in February of 2013. They're responsible for over 2 million page views. In fact, exactly 2,195, 700 pages or blogs have been viewed—hopefully read. Cleft Heart. This is great news, and I'm cheered by the interest generated by … [Read more...]

Standing up to Looksism and Gay Bashing

Eleven-year-old Caine Smith was choked, beaten, harassed, and was called a long list of names simply because he had two moms and long hair. Instead of staying locked away and hiding, he stood up and did something about it. Thanks to my friend Sabine Hathaway for alerting me to this great Upworthy video. … [Read more...]

Cleft Heart Speaking Engagements Announced by Anti-bully Warrior

As visitors to the Cleft Heart FB Page know, I'm Karl Schonborn's dog, Monte, also known as the Anti-Bully Warrior. Get to know me by watching me for a few seconds below and visiting Here are the exciting new bookings for Karl Schonborn: October 19 (Saturday), 2012 Talk re  bullying, signing 3  pm--5pm Barnes & Noble 1149 S Main St. Walnut Creek, CA ‎ 925 947-0373 Free parking under store, enter via Olympic Blvd. October … [Read more...]

Peace Out Teen Program might’ve saved Bullied Boy

Nearly every pew was filled at a funeral service for Bart Palosz, which was held at the Holy Name of Jesus Church in Stamford, Connecticut August 30th. Reminded me of my experience in a gilded suburb years ago. If only Bart's school had subscribed to the Peace Out Teen Program (drop by Peace Village began offering curriculum on a contract basis to public and private schools in 2005  in Eugene, Oregon.  Its award-winning Peace Out curriculum integrates peace and … [Read more...]