Lookism’s #1 pageant to help cleft lip kids.

"Lookism" can surprise you. The current Miss Universe—and fellow "lookers" models Christie Brinkley and Kristen Taekman— are "ambassadors" for the cleft charity Smile Train. (Singer Jessica Simpson and models Vanessa Lachey and Molly Sims likewise beat the drum for Operation Smile).My favorite "looker" supporting clefts is Roma Downey, an Irish actress known for her nine seasons as Monica, the tender-hearted angel on the TV show Touched by an Angel.  Ms. Downey is more than just a looker, she's … [Read more...]

Automated lookism? Robots to judge beauty contest.

Steve Harvey's recent mistake* as emcee crowning the wrong Miss Universe caused some of us to reflect on the silliness of choosing winners among a bunch of perfect-10 females. Well, now there's the possibility that robots may soon do the choosing. Is that a good thing?  Perhaps, because there won't be any judges or emcees to kick around . . . tho Miss Universe pageant directors want Harvey back in 2016. Perhaps, too, it'd be a good thing because the robots presumably will choose the same … [Read more...]

Boy hassled by bullies in film has new life.

   Bullies got more than they bargained for when Alex Libby, one of the students in the 2001 "Bully" documentary, flowered and began to thrive in a new school. Tho Alex still has the flattened nose and Asperger's that triggered much of his earlier bullying, he's a confident happy kid these days.Columnist Tony Leys of the Des Moines Register wrote this follow-up story on Alex recently. Here it is in its entirety: Bullies find unintended consequences of their acts. Alex Libby, who was featured in … [Read more...]

What ideal body type do men favor? Science is no help.

 According to this review of recent studies,  studies are all over the place regarding men's preferences for a woman's figure:Mannequins in store front display.   Ideal body type. America has become obsessed with women like Christina Hendricks, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian for their voluptuous body types à la Marilyn Monroe. Although these women have been glorified for their curves by men, science suggests men are initially drawn to women who look more like Kate Moss did in the 90s. According to … [Read more...]

Think cleft lip kids have problems, baby can’t open-mouth

Look what  "Yahoo Shine" has to report. Here's the story, based on reporting by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, Ottawa Citizen, and Newser.com" Baby can't open mouth. "Nine months ago, a Canadian baby was born normal in every way but one: Wyatt Scott has a disorder that keeps him from opening his jaw, the CBC reports. The condition, called congenital trismus, is so rare that his Ottawa doctors still aren't sure how to help him. "Nobody can tell us if Wyatt is going to be better in two … [Read more...]

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s many Faces

Which of  Philip Seymour Hoffman's many faces will we remember the most? Most of us have seen the headline that Hoffman was the Face of Heroin Addiction--a poster boy of sorts for the tragic epidemic sweeping through parts of America. He may've been the Face of Genius, too. I noticed a great photo collection of Hoffman's faces in several different roles reinforcing the notion that he could slip in and out of facial expressions and personae as easily as we mortals slip in and out of … [Read more...]

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