Cleft lip dad adopts cleft lip baby.

This cleft lip news out of Atlanta made my Father's Day last Sunday. The day had been marred by the death of my best friend's wife the day before. However, I then noticed this news about cute-as-a-boot Hattie Pierce, pictured below. Like myself and so many others, Hattie was born with a cleft lip and palate, .     Hattie Pierce w cleft lip and palate. Cleft lip dad & daughter duo get surgery at same hospital. She  was adopted by Brian Pierce who'd had his lip surgically restored long … [Read more...]

Deformity, Heroes, Repulsion, and Love

It may startle some, but people in a few countries still banish cleft  lip and palate kids to back rooms due to beliefs, like those espoused in the Old Testament, that clefts have been touched by Satan and made imperfect and impure. Even in more recent times, great writers have promulgated backward beliefs regarding deformities. Shakespeare’s ruthless protagonist in Richard III, for example, convinced audiences for centuries that Satan had touched deformed people. A while ago I came across … [Read more...]

Incredible Athletes who’ve Overcome Birth Defects & Disabilities

Next time you want to veg out on that couch, think of the incredible athletes who've overcome birth defects (e.g., cerebral palsy, spina bifida, fibular hemimelia) and acquired disabilities (e.g.,cancer, war injuries, auto accidents). For info on a dozen or so disabled athletes--including Paralympic gold medalist Tatyanna McFadden and major league pitcher Jim Abbott, pictured here--   see … [Read more...]