Cocaine, mental illness, trauma: What killed Carrie Fisher?

      I'm working on a memoir tentatively titled Four Murders and a Funeral.  In one of the murders, powdered cocaine plays a role. At least that's what the defendant and his attorney would like us to believe. Whether  the drug was to blame for the murder and whether addiction was involved is part of the story I tell. Cocaine  Carrie Fisher's use of cocaine never became much of a criminal justice issue. Some feel celebs get a pass for behavior that lands others of us  in … [Read more...]

Cleft lip hero QB Peyton Manning faces accusations.

Talk about hitting a player after he's down. An "allegation" about cleft lip Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning using prohibited Human Growth Hormone (HGH) surfaced while Manning was sidelined by a foot injury (partially torn plantar fascia in his left foot). The idea that Peyton Manning is now the backup QB for the Broncos jars all of us who consider him a hero as a five-time NFL league MVP. If you are a die-hard Manning fan, this one-two punch hurts. As readers know, I've celebrated Manning in … [Read more...]

Bullies steal prized NFL football from cleft lip Kid

    It saddened me to hear that Nationall Football League star Gordy Soltau just died. Football legend Gordy Soltau. A  member of the 49ers Hall of Fame, he scored 24 touchdowns and 70 field goals in his career, only one of  three players in NFL history to have ever done this.The great receiver and kicker, who died of natural causes at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California was born in 1925, and  played an important role in my life. The following, excerpted from my memoir, Cleft Heart, … [Read more...]

Three Other Joaquin Phoenix Secrets Besides His Cleft Lip

What's This About a Cleft Lip? My prior blog explained that Phoenix's upper lip "scar is from what's called a microform cleft. Whether or not he's had surgery is a mystery he's perpetuated. *  While a microform cleft may not be as obvious as a complete cleft lip , there may still be problems with functionality 'cuz of a disruption of the continuity of the orbicularis oris muscle that encircles the mouth. The disruption may cause eating, drinking, and speech issues. BASIC FACTS ABOUT JOAQUIN … [Read more...]

Jennifer Lawrence slips, but not on stage. And Celebrities honor Heroes.

First, the easy stuff: Jennifer Lawrence J Law slipped up and lost the best supporting actress award to Lupita Nyong'o for her work in "Twelve Years a Slave." This was a "slip up" on J Law's part since she's been on a seemingly unstoppable roll for the last year or so. Thankfully, she did not literally slip up ascending the stage to present the best actor award ( Matthew McConaughey won for “Dallas Buyers Club"). As she walked to the mic, she asked the audience, “Why are you laughing?” … [Read more...]

And still more Reverse Looksism?

Am I sensing a turnaround? Is the race beginning to go to the Plain Janes and Sorry Sams rather than the Perfect 10s?  It would seem so judging from yet another media story about a 10, Alicia Silverstone, losing a role back in the 1990s because she was ‘too pretty’ for ‘My So-Called Life.’ According to The New Yorker, co-creators of the highly regarded TV series---that dared to deal with  child abuse, homophobia, teenage alcoholism, homelessness, school violence, and drug use---argued over … [Read more...]

Reverse looksism?

Over the years, I've been subject to facial discrimination, a term I coined a while back. (Much of this discrimination occurred while I was growing up, and it's laid out in Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal.) For this reason, I hope to initiate discussions of looksism on this site from time to time. Looksism part of the Celebrity Culture we live in. The recent flap over the dental assistant who has twice lost court battles in Iowa over being fired for being "irresistable," reminded me of Katherine … [Read more...]