Cyberbulling victory? FB cracks down on Revenge Porn.

Cyberbullying revenge porn constitutes a different kind of revenge than that discussed here last week. Villains who use so-called 'revenge porn' aren't as  heinous as revenge serial killers. But they do cause great harm, esp to women.Cyberbullying revenge porn."Cyberbulling revenge porn" refers to the sharing of sexually explicit images on the internet, without the consent of the people depicted in the pictures, in order to extort or humiliate them. It is often practiced by former partners of … [Read more...]

Thanks to fans of my book and blogs re cleft lip and palate.

I appreciate all of you who’ve followed my cleft lip and palate blogs over recent years.  I'll continue to post info relevant to this most common of birth defects.I'm also grateful to those of you who've bought Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal about my experiences with my clefts regarding bullying, facial asymmetry, speech difficulties, etc.Since no good intentions or deeds ever go unpunished, I’m hoping you blog and book fans will consider giving copies of Cleft Heart to your doctor and dentist. Or … [Read more...]

Measuring facial symmetry in cleft lip kids and everyday people.

How the heck did Dr. Coe manage to visualize the tangle of my oral tissue and muscle when he sewed me—Humpty Dumpty— back together?  As I wrote in my memoir, Cleft Heart: chasing normal,            "With final form and functionality in mind, Dr. Coe set about joining the two sides of my face. The union had to be exactly right so that when the scars contracted, they would   not notch the red vermillion of my lip or distort the area between my lip and nose. ...All this had to be figured out fast, … [Read more...]

Anti lookism: an open letter to photogenic people.

Stumbled across this anti lookism rant from back in July 2012. New Yorker Chelsea Fagan, who actually blogs about financial matters, unloosed these unbridled comments which capture what many of us think as we see the uncurbed selfies proliferating across social media.But wait. . .Methinks, though, that the lady doth protest too much. She's darn photogenic herself, and to top it off, she's a stellar writer with a wicked sense of humor.Anti lookism rant."Hi Guys, Hold on, hold on, put the iPhones … [Read more...]

Does this icon look bullied?

Am pleased to announce that two more of my paintings have been added to the Gallery on Please click on the Paintings tab to see Beaver Cleaver and Shirley Temple.Cyberbullying.Glad that cyberbullying wasn't around back then! … [Read more...]

Time to buy Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal.

Gentle Reader,  As they say in radio, we've got to go to a commercial break now and then to pay the rent and keep the lights on. Since I'm not used to being a shameless promoter, I'll list some comments readers have used for Cleft Heart. They come in large part from Amazon review headings:“A Powerful and Moving Memoir”“Awesome book about overcoming obstacles”“Felt like I lived it”"Unless allowed a 6th star, I cannot recommend it more highly”“And ‘David slew his Goliaths.’ ”Artful rendition of … [Read more...]

Cleft palate defect doubles with Zofran drug.

Another anti-nausea morning sickness drug in trouble? Thalidomide* all over again? Cleft palate causation is elusive, complex., and multifactorial. Thus, it's news when a single factor seems to have this much of an impact.  Cleft palate condition doubles with Zofran.  Here's a recent press release that bears on cleft palate etiology:" reports on concerning results of several studies which appear to … [Read more...]