Peace Out Teen Program might’ve saved Bullied Boy

Nearly every pew was filled at a funeral service for Bart Palosz, which was held at the Holy Name of Jesus Church in Stamford, Connecticut August 30th.

Reminded me of my experience in a gilded suburb years ago.

If only Bart’s school had subscribed to the Peace Out Teen Program (drop by

Peace Village began offering curriculum on a contract basis to public and private schools in 2005  in Eugene, Oregon.  Its award-winning Peace Out curriculum integrates peace and conflict studies into Common Core Standards by investigating peace through literature, history, philosophy and physical practices like yoga and tai-chi.

Its main current contract is with Network Charter School in Eugene, where it offers 4 classes by skilled and experienced teachers.

Students taking a Peace Out course learn concrete techniques for conflict resolution, understanding how bullying works, engage in community projects, study the writings of nonviolent philosophers like Gandhi and King, and play many active games which highlight peaceful resolution of conflicts.   The Peace Out curriculum is available for purchase or adoption, and training  in peace education models is available now. For information  contact  Darren Reiley at or call  541.338-7001.

Next post: article on Bart Palosz and his suicide.

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