Lookism runs wild —-celeb cosmetic dentistry

After some serious blogs about caregiving, these before and after celeb photos bring smiles to our faces. What is it about Before and Afters anyway?

Still, facial differentness affects celebs as well as you and me. This website has “facial difference” as one of its subthemes, though the phrase is usually used with regard to oralfacial deformities.

I’ve excerpted a few “examples” from a recent article written in a jaunty, but somewhat passive-aggressive style.  If you need a stronger fix, visit this elaborate catalog of celeb dental work, but be prepared to be underwhelmed. Miley Cyrus’s change is dramatic, but many of the others were very attractive anyway and didn’t need the expensive veneer work.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

“Celebrities these days need to look perfect at all times. They need to be super thin with curves only in the right places or thin but with lots of muscle definition. This perfectionistic attitude has extended to their teeth as well it seems. Some of these stars simply got a cap while some now have pearly white veneers.


It is weird to think of a time when celebrities had bad teeth. But dear old Tom had some pretty horrible teeth. This was way before the couch jumping- think early marriage to Nicole Kidman. Somewhere around “Mission Impossible” he upgraded to a full set of veneers and has never looked back. I would like to say that his creepy robot fake smile is because of his new teeth, but I think that might just be perk of Scientology!



Apparently Catherine had short little teeth before she added some porcelain veneers to lengthen her beautiful teeth. It is strange to look back at older pictures of this star because she really has not aged that much. The only thing that seems to be different are in fact her teeth


Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones








Rapper 50 Cent has some perfect teeth to go with his bad boy image. Of course he had to spend over $50,000 on them, which he freely admits. But if you were shot 9 times, we think it is ok to spend some money on something you really want. We aren’t going to question him on it- are you?

Rapper 50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent





It appears from glancing at old and new pictures of the “Argo” star has porcelain veneers to lengthen his teeth. To be fair before or after his teeth, Ben is still pretty cute. Even if you are forced to remember Bennifer…







This Canadian comedian chipped his tooth years ago, and you[‘d never know with] the cap he got to cover it. Unless you watch “Dumb and Dumber”. He actually removed the cap for his role as Lloyd and you have to admit that it makes the character even funnier.”

Besides being the resident “fool” on the home page of this website, Jim Carrey reminds us of life’s foolishness. That’s a good note to end on since much of the lookism driving celebs to get perfect teeth seems foolish.


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  1. Veneers, crowns, and other porcelain certainly adds something to the face. Teeth are a huge indicator of a person’s health. It is no surprise that health and aesthetics run together. prairiemalldental.ca

    • I agree that health and aesthetics correlate in people’ minds, especially subconsciously. It’s in our DNA to look for symmetry and other aesthetics to maximize our procreation efforts.
      I wonder what generations of “fooling mother nature” with veneers, implants, etc. will do to our DNA?
      I also wonder if certain country’s reputations for “bad teeth” (e.g., England, some Scandinavian countries) means their residents are generally unhealthy? Food for thought.

  2. Karl, the veneers look fake, and there’s been a landslide into teeth bleaching and unnatural whiteness. It’s like the use of steroids or nose jobs…if those around you start doing it, you stand out as the odd-looking one. (Incidentally, are you sure that early pic of Tom Cruise isn’t a makeup effect?)

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