Another in a series of blogs about random acts of kindness.

We’ve all heard of people who’ve paid bridge or highway  tolls for  the people behind them.

Hotel "Tea" 2007 flickr

Hotel “Tea” Flickr

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England  Hitchwiki

During  a hitched ride from Stonehenge to Emsworth, all generally southwest of London,  an elderly man treated me to lunch and later, to four o’clock “tea” with delicious snacks of biscuits, scones and cakes.

In Portsmouth, the man accidentally left his wallet on his car’s trunk during a petrol (gas) stop. Just as he started the engine to drive off, two passing girls yelled to him about the errant wallet.  He stepped out —dignified in plus-fours type golfing trousers like Tintin wore— and calmly retrieved his wallet. Once back on the motorway, he told me the wallet contained 1,000 pounds sterling, around $20,000 in today’s currency!!  The little act of kindness these girls showed a kind and trusting man turned out to be heroic in my eyes. Had the girls not alerted the man and had he discovered his missing wallet while driving, or God forbid after dropping me off, my goose might have been royally cooked.  Justice was swift and harsh for foreign-born pickpockets, thieves, or robbers in those days, even in merrie olde England.

Please plan on getting Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal. In it, you can read about several astounding “random acts of kindness” . . . and not just ones that happened during hitchhiking odysseys.

Feel free to share kindnesses you’ve enjoyed.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your story. I am a big believer that our good acts and deeds come back to us . Call it Karma or whatever. Being kind and thoughtful and courteous is always the right choice.

  2. loving reading all about random acts of kindness. Thank you so much for sharing. It really does put a ray of hope on the torrential downpour of negativity the media loves to expose.

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