Angry Parents feel JC Penney’s ad Promotes Bullying.

2011JCPenneyPNGYou may’ve seen the ad which debuted on You Tube August 4,  It features a mom taking about how she plans to take her kids to JC Penney so they can get new clothes for school. The narrating “mom” loves J C Penneys for her kids because the store’s “Got all the brands they have to have.” The ad ends with a teenage boy sitting with others  in a school cafeteria. As the mom says, “I’ve been told the stuff can make or break your entire year,” the kid suddenly is all alone in the cafeteria.

Worth getting all worked up over? Well, it would be good to know how many Back to School clothing ads play the “conformity” card. My guess is that while most aren’t as blatant as the Penney’s ad, many probably do subtly suggest that kids need “Arizona Jeans” or somesuch to succeed. After all, it’s a staple of advertising that a certain purchase will up your chances of getting that girl or guy in the ad…or triumph in your sport (Nike).

The Anti-bullying organization, Stand for the Silent, has started a campaign against the ad alleging the message promotes the exclusion of kids who don’t wear the right clothes.
By contrast, some people find it offensive that other people find the ad offensive. They feel we’re becoming way too sensitive about everything, noting that kids have always been teased about not fitting in with their back to school clothes.

Check out the ad  here:

More info at:

I know where my dog, Monte – the AntiBully Warrior, stands on this one.

Where do you stand?

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    Hey, thanks for the article post. Really Cool.

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