A presidential candidate’s way to end lookism.

While my dog Monte Blue–the Anti-bully Warrior—shared a link to this story on a couple of social media outlets, I think it’s funny (or sick) enough to share here.


Admittedly, the “lookism” referred to here is different from the lookism I blog about, the problems the would-be presidential candidate addresses interconnect with  bullying and discrimination which I do write about.images-3


Here is the story which came in the form of a letter to TribLive– part of a Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Tribune paper .

“Friday, Oct. 2, 2015, 8:57 p.m.

Dear Editor,

The problem with our country is that white people don’t like the way black people look at them, black people don’t like the way white people look at them and Hispanics don’t like the way blacks and whites look at them.

Women don’t like the way men look at them; men don’t like the way women look at them. Skinny people hate the look of fat people; fat people hate the look of skinny people; average-size people hate the look of both, and both hate the look of average-size people.

People don’t like the way gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transgenders look, and transgenders don’t like the look of other people as well.

Basically, we don’t like each other’s look, we don’t like the way we look at each other or the way others look at us, and yet we have a hard time looking away from each other’s look.

My solution, if elected president, would be to have the government gouge everyone’s eyes out, so we could get all this “lookism” eliminated and begin hating each other for the way we sound.

Greg Parks
Bethel Park”



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