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 Do you care about unfairness?Are you concerned by discrimination based on race, gender, wealth or looks? Are you a writer, student, artist, or public speaker interested in examples of bias in the criminal justice system?   If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!  I'm Karl Schonborn, a criminology professor, true-crime author, and TV producer. I studied at the foremost criminology center in the country located at … [Read more...]


-for Physical Disorders, see below for Birth Defects, esp Cleft Lip & Palate and other Orofacial Disorders. -for Mental and Drug/Alcohol Disorders, as well as for Bullying and Murder issues, see drop-down menu selections under the Resources tab. Scroll past the below lists of charities, physicians/surgeons, and books for general information about Cleft Lip and Palate. BIRTH DEFECTS CHARITIES These deal with the themes of Cleft Heart. Please consider contributing. To help you decide … [Read more...]

Cleft lip and palate for Dummies.

 Am pleased to announce I've added an important new resource to my website. It's Wikipedia's latest info about clefts which is useful for Dummies—people who know next to nothing about clefts. But, wait, there's enough info that cleft-afflicted people like me, and even experts on the subject, can learn a lot. Plus, there are wonderful diagrams, a list of famous people through history with clefts, and a segment regarding animals with clefts. So, read on. And if you ever need to find info in the … [Read more...]

Date a person with a Harelip?

Before dealing with a topic I encountered throughout my adolescence and young adulthood, a few words about Jack Dupree and the lyrics to the song he sang in the You Tube video posted in my last blog. Singing the "Harelip Blues." So here's what I found out about the song, but not becasue of Snopes (see prior blog). I dug a bit and found--according to a Wiki article--that Jack Dupree sometimes used the equivalent of poetic license for singers—an artistic conceit—by singing as if he had a cleft … [Read more...]

What’s different about Joaquin Phoenix besides his cleft lip?

It's not just his 'facial difference!Denies his Cleft Lip Actually, Phoenix has created controversy about his lip. He says something--but not a "cleft"--just happened when his mother felt pain at one point during her pregnancy. (Fellow actor Stacey Keach "owns" his cleft.) If "something happened to Phoenix' mom, this had to have been around the 6th week when most cleft lips and palates form. Many doctors feel that his famous  scar is from a microform cleft lip, also known as a "forme … [Read more...]

Celebs with cleft lip & other birth defects——I.

For much of the information and photos in this blog and the followup one, I'm indebted to  and Madame Noire (MN). Madame Noire is a sophisticated lifestyle site launched by Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Raymond. It is a classic fashion and beauty site. What else would you expect from an Oakland born former hairdresser to the stars (e.g., Lauryn Hill)? Hop on over to Madame Noire's site for more fun, especially for info on African-American lifestyles.Let's mention Joaquin Phoenix's … [Read more...]