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Peyton Manning’s cleft palate: illustrated history.

Emily Pennington has told the inspiring story of Peyton Manning's struggle with his cleft palate.  What's wonderful about her story is that she's created an illustrated presentation of it on Prezi. What follows is a transcript of her presentation that is designed for people who know very little about the stellar quarterback or the cleft palate birth defect. The presentation is here, and so share it online, project it to foster discussion in a school room or at a religious gathering, etc., etc. … [Read more...]

Peyton Manning’s Cleft Palate — Super Bowl QB faced Challenges

 Peyton Manning's experience with a Cleft Palate.Peyton Manning was born with a cleft palate on March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Today, he's an outstanding NFL (National Football League) quarterback for the Denver, Broncos. He is a son of former NFL quarterback Archie Manning and an elder brother of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.Peyton faced many obstacles with his disabilty: a cleft palate is a condition in which the two plates of the skull that form the … [Read more...]

Peyton Manning: Special treatment re sex scandal?

Today's blog begins to transition from the main prior focus of the website (clefts, disabled heroes, etc.). It embraces a newly added focus, loosely called 'discrimination' which includes special treatment of males, superstars, etc. by society. This blog features a compelling combination of both the former focus and the current focus of my website. The key phrase is "Peyton Manning cleft palate special treatment." Peyton Manning cleft palate special treatment. A little known fact about Peyton … [Read more...]

QB Peyton Manning: Cleft lip star makes history.

It was a special night for the Special Needs community. Bronco QB Peyton Manning threw Touchdown Pass number 509 to become NFL's all-time touchdown king. Cleft Lip steeled star for later surgeries.Here's how the Denver Post covered it.  Cellphones were raised in unison at 7:40 p.m. The cheapest tickets for this game were priced at $301 in section 507, the highest $12,000 on the 308 club level. No one among the 77,047 standing fans was going anywhere at Sports Authority Field at Mile High … [Read more...]

Cleft lip hero QB Peyton Manning faces accusations.

Talk about hitting a player after he's down. An "allegation" about cleft lip Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning using prohibited Human Growth Hormone (HGH) surfaced while Manning was sidelined by a foot injury (partially torn plantar fascia in his left foot). The idea that Peyton Manning is now the backup QB for the Broncos jars all of us who consider him a hero as a five-time NFL league MVP. If you are a die-hard Manning fan, this one-two punch hurts. As readers know, I've celebrated Manning in … [Read more...]

QB Manning’s cleft palate: wonders on & off the field.

 Cleft palate as an impetus to greatness.Struggles due to a cleft palate may be the key to understanding QB Peyton Manning's wonders off the football field . . . and maybe even on the field. Manning faces a titanic battle next Sunday against QB Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers in the 50th Super Bowl in San Francisco. Manning's amazing football accomplishments might stem from a drive to compensate for his birth defect and the consequent bullying he experienced when young.Football Facts … [Read more...]

Cleft palate Manning retires, but ’95 scandal refuses to.

This website— that serves as the home for blogs like this one—has a "Heroes, Villains, and Fools" theme. Part of the message of the site (and especially some of the pieces on the Paintings tab) is that total, unblemished heroes are a rarity.This week's news that Peyton Manning is ending his oft-heroic career in football reminds of this. The timing of his exit is curious since sportswriters have begun to re-examine a scandal that most had thought was put to rest long ago.Humans being human, … [Read more...]