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“Wonder:” about a kid with an anomaly, without facial symmetry.

R.J. Palacio’s youth novel, Wonder,  burst upon the school book scene a couple of years ago, leaving middle grade kids to ponder such statements as— "You can't blend in when you were born to stand out." "Choose to be kind, not right." (a phrase the author borrowed from Wayne Dyer and altered a bit.) "Everyone deserves a standing ovation, at least once in their lives." (Channeling Warhol and :15 of fame?)                Craniofacial anomalies, no facial … [Read more...]

Angelina’s only an 8. Take the beauty, symmetry test.

Do you distrust your cellphone 'cuz it takes endless selfies to get just the right shot?   Do you wonder about your boyfriend or husband who say you're gorgeous? (What's he up to, anyway?) Does your mother say, "you're beautiful, but a little more effort or makeup might help?" No more questions about beauty, symmetry. Don't sweat the conflicting, subjective assessments any longer. This website will give you the straight scoop, and all it takes is downloading a picture of yourself. … [Read more...]