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MTV’s littlest star & cleft lip genetics.

The cast members (mostly pregnant girls) of "16 & Pregnant" had a reunion July 1st, and as a result we've learned a bit more about Courtney, Scott, and their son Dayton.What is Courtney up to these days? Other than staying very busy taking care of Dayton,  Courtney has  graduated from high school and is currently enrolled in cosmetology school. How is Scott doing as a father? Despite saying he'd always love their son when he heard he'd likely be born with a cleft like Courtney's, … [Read more...]

MTV star has baby with same cleft lip and palate she has.

 Cleft lip and palate characters almost never show up on TV, except maybe as villains in reruns of thrillers like "Manhunter" and "Red Dragon." Cleft woman on MTV show. Now, we've got a new star who has joined 8 year-old  Mia of "Duck Dynasty" fame. I'm talking about Courtney Ames. She is the young woman on MTV's "16 and Pregnant" series, not the young lady of the same name involved in the "Bling Ring" burglaries of Paris Hilton and other celebs' homes. Cleft Courtney Ames just had a … [Read more...]

Sacrifice a year of life for a perfect face? Cleft lip folks might.

Cleft lip kids discuss the darnedest things. Ever discussed with a group of friends whether you'd give up a year of your life for a more perfect, symmetrical face? Unless you were born with a cleft lip,* you probably haven't. For non-clefts, such a discussion may be akin to those silly debates over whether you'd rather burn to death or freeze to death. Still, the question does bring up our assumptions about perfection and symmetry as they relate to beauty. We often think that we have a best … [Read more...]