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Celebrities honor heroes at the Oscars. Lookism rears its head again.

Following up on the Self-Absorption of Oscar CelebritiesOne explanation of why today's celebs seem so self-obsessed (the conclusion in my prior blog) may be that society has empowered them  thru celebrity-worship and a double-standard re consequences for their selfie-ness (pun intended) and frequent misbehavior. We know that power corrupts. When fans, judges, and the media give second, third, and umpteen chances to celebs who act selfishly, abuse drugs, or commit crimes, we're further … [Read more...]

Jennifer Lawrence slips, but not on stage. And Celebrities honor Heroes.

First, the easy stuff: Jennifer LawrenceJ Law slipped up and lost the best supporting actress award to Lupita Nyong'o for her work in "Twelve Years a Slave." This was a "slip up" on J Law's part since she's been on a seemingly unstoppable roll for the last year or so. Thankfully, she did not literally slip up ascending the stage to present the best actor award ( Matthew McConaughey won for “Dallas Buyers Club").As she walked to the mic, she asked the audience, “Why are you laughing?” … [Read more...]