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Roster of Players during Yale years of Cleft Heart

SPOILER: Do not linger here if you're the type of reader who likes to be surprised with every turn of the page. Return when you've finished the book. Likewise, if you enjoy fantasizing about how characters look, skip the photos.Key Characters at Yale in Cleft HeartHere are photos of the main players during the college years in my memoir.Clockwise from top left: Karl relaxing in Trumbull College suite at Yale (Ned in window seat). Star swimmer and Olympic gold medalist Steve … [Read more...]

A Photographic Who’s Who, part way into Cleft Heart

SPOILER ALERT : If you enjoy fantasizing how characters look in books or want to be surprised  on every page, then don’t look at these photos until you’ve finished reading the second quarter of the book.Cleft Heart protagonist with sibs and friends.This photo collage shows me growing up and with my siblings and a few friends from my youth. Stay tuned for more collages in future blogs.  … [Read more...]